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Frown Lines


Frown Lines commonly known as "famous 11" projects you worried or angered by default. A little gentle touch of "Botulinum Toxin injection" corrects these lines and makes you look normal, happy person and helps building your confidence. Ideally, the effect of "dose" last for 3-4 months.


Our Aesthetic Counsultant will advise you post-treatment precaution and future plans. 


Eyebrows - Lift


The "eyebrows and eye-lids" begin drooping as we grow older, generally with people in their late 30s or early 40s.

Some people may develope "headache like" symptoms due to eyebrows/ eye-lids drooping.

A little correction with "Eyebrow allignment" helps in both cases of storing-natural beauty and minor headache.

Our Aesthetic Consultant may be able to suggest best suitable course.

Crows' Feet


A simple and small wrinkle at the outer corner of eyes begins with "laughing lines" and tend to get deeper with "age". Though it is good to laugh and laugh but displaying the "sign of age or for how many year one has been laughing is an undesirable fact". 

Again, this undesirable sign of age can be concealed with "clever-dose of same dear friend Botulinum Toxin"

Our Aesthetic Consultants may suggest best course.


The guide price for these treatments varies from £160/- to £300/- 

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